Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the countdown...

Well, I got to thinking this morning... We are in the home stretch to our 3rd wedding anniversary, 3 weeks to be exact. I can't even believe that we will have been married for 3 whole years.
Of course with that there is also an anniversary that lingers in the shadow... 2/3 of our marriage we have been trying to make a little miracle. That is nuts to me! Here is a picture of us on our vacation right after starting this crazy adventure sometimes call Operation Egg Drop.

Look how happy we look in that picture. We were flying high in hopes that our first month trying we would be blessed with a little one. Yep that's right we picked out names and thought we would be parents in 9 months. I mean after all everyone always said be careful or you will get pregnant. Boy was the joke on us.

I don't personally know that many people that have had to work quiet so hard for any child let alone the first. I do however know that as frustrating and heart breaking this journey is for us, that there are people out there who have had it worse. A friend from college was just blessed this last January after an 11 year journey with many failed ivfs, iuis, etc. I also have 2 friends that have precious twins from ivf after trying for a long time. Which brings me to what I am truly thankful for through all of this disappointment. I am so thankful that there are bloggers out there to share this rough ride with. I am also thankful that there is a bigger awareness of infertility as well as PCOS now. Two of my favorite shows (rules of engagement & Parenthood) have written into the story line problems with getting pregnant. It is a little insight to those who have never had a problem to see how hard it really can be, not that its a true picture, but at least its not swept under carpet. And Biggest Loser has helped people see that PCOS is prevalent in overweight women and can cause infertility issues, after having 2 contestants this season with it. Until this was brought to my attention 1 1/2 years ago, I wasn't aware that an irregular period was a sign, among other things. The wealth of knowledge I know have, (I wish I didn't) now is crazy. Robbie often says that we've been married for 27 years, in some aspects it totally feels like it. I wonder if we hadn't gone through all of this if it would feel like we have been married for just 3 years.

Well, on we go, counting down the days until we can celebrate 3 years of wedded bliss. Wonder how we will do it this year, our first year we celebrated with dinner on our fine china, and then a vacay to the redneck riviera. Last year we spent the night down town and went to ZBB concert. I am thinking this year it will be pretty low key.

Thats all for now... two more days with kiddos at school, then the summer can BEGIN!!!

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