Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So yesterday was our 3rd wedding anniversary. It was very eventful, new carpet, yard work( making 2 huge beds in the back yard), the best nap ever, and then dinner with my hubs at Bonefish Grill. It was a fabulous day. I was preoccupied which was good, this weekend I couldn't get the 2 year IF anniversary out of my mind.

I have to get this off my chest, I had to call the doctor today because I realized I was way past a normal cycle and apparently my rx was expired so in order to get this thing going again. Well, then I realized I am almost out of Metformin too. And, I really should have been out of both meds a couple months ago, but the whole taking it easy "not trying" thing kind of made me take a meds vacay. I really haven't been too strict on taking it. I had a friend at work who was trying to remind me to take it at lunch for a while. So, Nurse said I need to come in for blood work, and that she would get Dr. K to approve me for provera. I know all of this is BAD and only prolonging our positive outcome, but I really had too many other things going on. So, Its back to strict meds routine. I also, probably in revolt about my body, went past my annual obgyn appointment. So, while I was calling on Drs I made an appointment with a new doctor. Anyway now that, that is of my chest.

Today was special day for a friend of mine. She was finding out what she was having. So, I went in with her to find out and make a revealment cake. I heard about this from a girl I went to college with a couple of years ago, and had mine planned back when I thought having a baby was easy. So, I guess the next best thing is to be involved in a friends :) So, for about 7 hours today God, the Ultrasound tech, and I were the only ones who knew what she was having. It was fun. I made a cute cake and dyed the cake mixture the color of the babies gender. I put gum paste question marks on top and used pink and blue stripes and polka dots.

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  1. I loved it!! So thankful you spent the day on my cake!! I really appreciate it!! Maybe I should name her Morgan :)