Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Believe...

I do believe that we will be parents one day. Our sweet cousins (Hub's 1st cousins to be exact) are currently due November 14th as a product of a long and winding, disappointing, road that included multiple iui cycles, too many BFNs, which all lead to IVF and this sweet little one. They know exactly what we are going through, know the feelings, the heartache, and also know the joy and hope of this pregnancy.

Today, let's call him Hawkeye (they live in Iowa and are die hard fans) messaged us on Facebook. It was the most touching message about how he had been thinking of us and their situation, and how he just wanted to reach out to us. He told us that he knows no words can really comfort or make things better, but that he realized that how much it helps to have someone/ couple to talk to that understands etc. He and his wife are so sweet, she has messaged with me back and forth often throughout the time since we both found out we were on the same road. Well she sent this video to me a while back and I meant to post it in a blog, but didn't get around to it. Well, he sent it in his message today. So, I didn't want to wait around again. **Warning** - If you don't cry watching this, I might want to check your pulse. But, it is so inspiring to me... So, here it is

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