Monday, July 11, 2011

A Dime a Dozen or so it seems

Just when I though there couldn't be anymore announcements because pretty much everyone I know is pregnant, there's a baby boom! Looks like Spring 2012 is going to be a repeat of Fall 2011. So here's to the dear, few of us who are still trying... :)

I think I know why it is such a surprise to me... Because I CANNOT even imagine or wrap my head around getting pregnant. So, I tend to forget that not everyone has the same issue as me lol.

No, really, I am excited for everyone making announcements. That must be the best feeling ever. Have you ever noticed that on FB that the announcements come out of the woodwork? When there is one there are about 10.

In other news, I have been researching different adoption options, and well... there are a lot of things running through this mind of mine. Like until 4 am this morning. But, I have found 2 other agency that are church based, but seem to be cheaper than the first I found. One is actually affiliated with the United Methodist Church. This seems like a great place to start.

But, I am also looking into something a little less permanent until we get our house sold and settled... One of my best friend's husband is becoming a mentor with Youth Villages. So, I checked out their site, and this sounds like a good idea. I mean truly, I don't know that I could deal with the stress of trying to go through the adoption process and waiting will I am also waiting and stressed about selling/buying a new house. Not to mention, the natural stress of work since the nasty truth is that, we will be back in school in less than a month :( But being a mentor would allow me to have a child that I get to dote on and take to do fun things a few times a month, but not have the 24/7 responsibility during this stressful time. Once things get settled then we could put all efforts into the adoption process.


  1. Is the Methodist group hearts on fire? I know when I was researching and met with the adoption soci worker, she said almost all babies in Memphis were adopted out through Life choices or Bethany. That being said they were the two
    Ost expensive..... Have you looked into abrazo yet in Texas? Or Gladney? Those were my top picks :)

  2. I haven't looked into any outside of Memphis yet. But I will look into the 2 you mentioned. The Methodist one is Hannah's Hope. What was the name of the adoption social worker? I saw where there is a lady in Germantown who will do all the leg work, but you have to have your own lawyer yada yada yada. I haven't heard of hearts on fire. I wish we could just find a bm like you guys did. It seems like less hoops to jump through.

  3. I am excited to hear about your research with adoption agencies. As you know, my husband and I are still waiting on a match. We decided to go with a local Minneapolis independent adoption agency. We really like them but I am beginning to question whether we should have gone with a national agency that finds birthmothers nationwide. Just a suggestion for you as you start to move forward...