Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

When I think of Independence Day, I hear Martina McBride singing in the background :) We celebrated on Saturday with close friend and my parents. My sis and bil were at his mom's house. We had Robbie's famous ribs, and everyone brought a side or appetizer. The men and a few ladies competed in a corn hole tournament and it was just a good time to catch up since most of hadn't seen each other in a little while.

So, I had a cake order this weekend, that I was going to make the last one for a while since it is so difficult to clean up quickly in case of showing the house (but my sister talked me into making another one next weekend). I was uploading the pics to my fan page (inspired temptations of fb) and realized that it was 1 year ago this weekend that I made my first "decorators cake." So I found the picture of that cake and was amazed at how far I have come in one year. I am finally getting to a point where I think my cakes are looking Snazzy! :) Here are the comparison pics

My first cake with smooth butter cream icing. You can see I didn't get enough icing off and it is dented and not so smooth. My fondant is very thick and pushed into the icing, due to the icing being so thick. Now, don't get me wrong it tasted AMAZING, but I needed some practice for sure. Practice, that is exactly what I got, many many cakes later....

This is my 4th of July cake this year for a customer. Fondant is much thinner, icing much smoother, just all around better looking! I really have come a long way. In fact, I made what I think might be one of my best cakes last weekend, I hope that the customer liked it as much as I did. It was for a wedding shower and I used royal icing and a stencil to make a damask print on the sides of the cake. Then, I took the plate she gave me to the cake store to get the center part made into an edible image. I then took it and rolled it on a piece of fondant to make the top decoration. So, since I am showing progress here is the pic:

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