Sunday, September 18, 2011

Can a girl catch a break????? Just askin'

I have had one of those week/weekends where I just want to throw my hands in the air and wave a white flag! I surrender!

First, I have to go back to Sunday a week ago. Let me preface with this... With our house on the market the last thing we want to do is put anymore moo la into it. Well last weekend we got to talking about the fact that our top rack in the dishwasher wasn't working well. Our glasses always ended up coming out dirtier ( if that is even possible) than when we put them in there. So, call me lazy, I just kept leaving them in thinking surely they would get clean eventually... UM NO! So in all the electricity and water we were wasting (please don't send the green police) we decided we should just bite the bullet and buy a new one. So, we went to Lowe's close to our parents house first because we had been out there visiting. The man there was like oh you don't
want that one. Its loud and cheap. I was like that is exactly what we want... it looks nice (stainless steel and all) and isn't so nice that we would want to take it with us when we leave. lol Well he didn't want to worry with it apparently telling me that it would take 2 weeks to come in if we ordered it. But, that they stock depending on the zip codes. And in this zip code they only stock the stores with high end appliances. Blah Blah Blah. I was irritated and said fine. 3 hours later and 6 more stores we are Lowe's right by our house and low an behold they have 2 of them... And guess what???? They also have 2 of them at the first store we were at. I wanted to go all the way back just to let that first guy have a piece of my mind... But I didn't. I contained myself. I mean I was a happy girl. I got the dishwasher I wanted for a low low price. Here she is...

Well, I love love love my husband, but he is no Mr. Fix-it, more like Mr. Break-It. But, this time he said how hard can this be... Famous last words. 3 hours later and another trip back to Lowe's for a new water line hose. We were finally washing dishes ( at bedtime I might add). I didn't care though I had my new dishwasher and it was cleaning the top rack.

This week was a long short week. We had parent teacher conferences on Thursday. Tuesday I came home and was so worn out I went to bed around 6 and didn't get up until 7 on Wed. morning. Thursday was a district learning day, which meant we were in meetings ALL DAY. Friday night my throat started hurting, but I thought maybe its just sinus stuff. Sat. I woke up early and had what felt like a porcupine in my throat.... It hurt bad enough I had my hubs get a flash light so I could look at my throat. Being a teacher I am a pro at identifying strep throat. And of course I saw white. Great! I had a wedding and a baby shower for our sweet friends Allie's Pursuit of Motherhood. I had a friend call in some meds so I wouldn't have to spend $50 at the minor med.

Well, this should have been clue number 2 that this weekend was going down hill fast... Went to pick it up and they said... nope don't have it. So I came home and waited then called to check. Still didn't' have it. So, I text the Dr. back and he had called it in earlier. When I sent the hubs to check again, miraculously it was there and had been all along. SERIOUSLY?!?!
I went into our extra bedroom to get a bag for the cute little onesie for the shower.... and wet!!! I thought and screamed ZEKE!! Thinking he had gone to the bathroom, but then I moved back and it was still wet. The closet and part of the room was completely soaked. Enter almost complete meltdown.

Long story short, the hose I went back to buy at Lowe's was not tightened as it should and each time we washed dishes, the water seeped into the bedroom behind the kitchen. So, we have spent all day ripping out padding, sucking out water, and trying desperately to dry the slab and carpet. Oh and after not showing the house for a few weeks... They called today wanting to show it. Really?!?!?!

As I drove to my mother in laws to get another fan and a carpet cleaner, I thought...God, why are you testing us like this? Can we please have a little reprieve here? Prayer buddy and readers we could use a little prayer help here, for strength, patience, and no mold in our carpet. Oh and that I don't question God on trivial things like this too. :) Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


  1. Extra prayer help coming your way! What a frustrating week. I wanted to let you know that our previous home had a water pipe burst and flood the entire first level AND we had a showing on the house that same day. They bought the house, anyway! Things will all work out....hang in there!

  2. Oh my gosh! You have had a STRESSFUL week! I'm so sorry about the dishwasher ... Just when you thought one problem was solved ... what a bummer! I'm praying that this week is relaxing for you ... and you have no more huge problems when you least expect them. :)

  3. Go figure I can comment on my phone! I sure hope this is the last problem with your house - y'all have worked so hard to get it fixed ready to sell!! Hoping y'all sell it soon and find your dream house :)