Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

borrowed the idea for this post from Patiently Waiting Kinda. ( I kinda stole some of hers too)

Things I am Thankful For (in not certain order):
  • My wonderful life. I know and try to remind myself, I really have it pretty good. It could be worse.
  • My fabulous family. I really couldn't live without them. They are there for me whenever I need them and love me unconditionally.
  • My sweet class. They really are a great class. They might work my nerves, but I am so thankful they keep me on my toes.
  • That parent conferences are over! Today was a very long day (conferences before and after school).
  • For all of my blogger friends and prayer buddy! If it weren't for you all I know I would not have anyone to share my journey with, who has some kinda idea what I am talking about. You have helped me strengthen my faith and given me hope! (all the announcements recently! YAY!!!)
  • My faith in God! If it weren't for that I am sure that I would not have made it this far.
  • SLEEP!!! I got a lot of it on Tuesday and am ready to hit the sack now! Its probably unnatural how much sleep I need or like to get.


  1. Great list! Hooray for patient conferences being over...that must feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

  2. Thanks and you too Birthday Girl!

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I just realized I typed "patient" instead of "parent" on my first comment. Oops!