Friday, September 30, 2011

Prayer Buddy Reveal :)

I had the honor of praying for All in His Perfect Timing. This was my first time doing the prayer buddies in the blogging community. But, can I just tell you it has really been a rewarding experience!!!! It was great to get to know someone new through her blog while praying for her without her even knowing it. I prayed for her daily... Found myself thinking, "I wonder if she is feeling these prayers?" I could sure my prayer buddy's. Actually hers too. I had actually come across her blog right before prayer buddies were set up.

Throughout the past couple of months, I feel my faith has grown with leaps and bounds. I first started a prayer novena "ish" with Patiently Waiting, which helped me really prepare for the prayer buddies. I had the opportunity to really focus my prayer, and made it more of a priority... Not that it wasn't before, but I had never really set aside a certain time a day to focus all my energy to pray without distraction.

Today I received an email from my prayer buddy, Polkadot at Making God Laugh! I honestly was checking my email like a kid waits for Santa or the tooth fairy. I was so excited to find out who had been praying for me. Her email made me smile. Not being Catholic, some things many of the bloggers are used to are totally new to me. She told me that she lit a candle in a cathedral for my prayer intentions. That is so awesome! The fact that there is a physical light shining somewhere for me and my intentions... (I actually teared up reading that) I am in awe of this blog community. I have learned so much and continue to do so.

Thanks Polkdot for all of the prayers I sure felt them!

All in His Perfect Timing, I hope you felt my prayers. I will continue to pray for you and your husband, and hopefully soon both all of our miracles will be revealed to us! God Bless us all!

Thank you so much JBTC and Mrs. Henderson for working out all of the logistics for the prayer buddies!

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  1. Hey Morgan! That is so cool you took part this time! I have met some really great women doing PB. Maggie is a candle lighting maniac and she loves to get to do that after Mass if she has behaved:) I don't know if this is the real reason or just what my grandmother told me but she said the smoke from the candles would lift our prayers to Heaven:)